Spirit Masks by Cindy Jo

Our wonderful collection of native style Spirit Statues and Spirit Masks Wall Art are carefully and artfully created. Each Cindy Jo indian mask or indian statue is entirely original and the demand for Cindy Jo's' stunning and beautiful creations only increases with time due to her on-going creativity and her demand for absolute quality.

Each piece proudly bares her signature. Cindy Jo carefully creates each indian mask and indian statue totally by hand, from sculpturing the clay, to painting, feathering and traditional beading. She uses the most natural materials, custom creating her own recipe for the clay of Mother Earth. She recreates the powerful and vivid colors of nature, as well as the most elemental materials that Mother Earth has provided for her people for many years.

Her lifetime research along with her own unique ideas lead her on to represent, promote, preserve, and protect a time and a people whose heritage fulfills a vast part of the circle of life.