Reproduction Art

Black Arrow is proud to present selections of Reproduction Art from talented artists.  Our museum quality replica’s embody the spirit of the Southwest.  The details are impeccable; the works of art will leave you wondering if you have purchased an authentic piece.

Chuck Reddick is an honorary Lakota-Sioux artist who is also known as Winterheart.  Winterheart has been involved with Native American history and culture for over 20 years.  His works of art will amaze you.  He uses authentic pieces whenever possible to create beautifully hand-crafted war shirts, squaw dresses,  warrior weapons, rattles, peace pipes, smudge fans, shields and papoose carriers.  His bead work is exceptional.

Black Arrow features headdresses, quiver sets, peace pipes and horse hair bustles made by various Navajo Artists.  These quality pieces are traditional and offer you a glimpse of what Natives would wear in a ceremony and how their culture is still alive, appreciated and fostered to this day.

Supaya Gray Wolfe is an artist who’s headdresses and war bonnets are beyond compare.  She hand-makes these works of art with the intention to have them appear as they were worn centuries ago.  Her rustic approach to her craft is very refreshing.

Customers have sought-out Black Arrow throughout the years to find reproduction art to add to their collection for the home or office.  Our art will beautifully accentuate your current décor and add that special flair that you have been searching for.